Dr. Aggarwal is a renowned homoeopath, who practices in Bathinda, Punjab. With an impressive work experience spanning over three decades, he has studied homoeopathy both intensively and extensively. He has an uncommon strength of combining research with his homeopathic treatment and providing customised homeopathic treatment solutions to patients as per their underlying diseases.

In 1981, after making a humble beginning as a homeopathic practitioner, he realised his dream of working on holistic homeopathy based on customised treatments. This lead to the foundation of Dr. Abnish’s Homoeopathy Clinic in 1982.

Since then, Dr. Aggarwal has dedicated himself towards providing a treatment which is not only symptomatic but also curative. He has done a pioneering job of not only introducing Homeopathy in an area that was majorly dominated by other schools of medicine but also bringing it to a status where it enjoys being a medicine of choice

In addition to various common diseases, he specialises in treating obesity, early and advanced cases of diabetes, early stage renal failure, liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis, vitiligo, infertility (men & women) all exclusively by homeopathy.

He has successfully treated an impressive number of over 10,000 patients of Obesity from all over the world.

Why Homeopathy? - A note by the Doctor

As one would think, homeopathy like any other school of medicine; helps cure/treat diseases. So what difference does it make if you chose any one of them for treatment? How is Homeopathy different from other popular options? The answer to this question is simple. It is the mode of action of a homeopathy drug, that makes it stand out!

Let us first understand, how conventional medicines work on our bodies with this example.

When we contact common cold or cough, the popular medicines (tablets/syrups) that we are prescribed, work by suppressing our immune response to those allergens that caused cold and cough. Which means, a person with Asthma (of any kind) is prescribed bronchodilators and anti allergy medicines or immunosuppresents. These drugs only help in suppressing the symptoms of Asthma instead of curing it. We need to recognize, that a person gets afflicted by a disease due to an inherent predisposition to develop that disease. Not everyone exposed to allergens develops cold and cough. Just like not every person exposed to pollution and dust develops Asthma. This inherent predisposition to develop certain diseases is a part of our system/constitution.

Homeopathy; unlike other school of medicines, understands this fact. It takes up and treats every single patient as a holistic system and does not merely treat an individual disease. Patient's family and genetic history, temprament, life style habits, hormonal imbalance(if any) and any other pre-existing disease conditions, all these factors help in formulating the homeopathic remedy that will help "cure" the disease.

When a person's system is homeopathically treated, it will not only suppress the symptoms of disease but will also help building a better immune response to that particular disease. With time, you will develop better immune system and will be able to fight that disease better than before. Thus homeopathy works at curing the disease and not merely by suppressing the symptoms.

You can especially acheive great benefits and better health with homeopathy if you have:

  • Chronic, longstanding ailments
  • Relapses and remissions of the same disease
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Hormonal problems where conventional therapies have been unfruitful.

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The services listed on our website include just a few top/chronic diseases treated by us. It is not an exhaustive list. There are innumerable common as well as chronic diseases that we successfully treat with homeopathy. For more information, please send us your query or give us a call.

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