Dr. Abnish’s Homoeopathy is one of the leading homeopathic treatment clinics in North India. It is run globally by Dr. Abnish’s Homoeopathy Pvt. Ltd. and is managed under the direct care of Dr. Abnish Aggarwal; a renowned homeopath with over three decades of experience in the field of holistic homeopathy.

With its flagship clinic in Bathinda, Punjab, Dr. Abnish’s Homoeopathy has a patient base that comes from all over India and abroad. It has been successfully treating patients from India and all over the world through its online consultation and treatment plans.

Dr. Abnish’s Homoeopathy humbly takes the credit of spreading awareness regarding the benefits of Homoeopathic healing to thousands of families across the world. In an area that was majorly dominated by other schools of medicine, Dr. Aggarwal has done a pioneering job of not only introducing homeopathy but also bringing it to a status where it enjoys being a medicine of choice.

Our philosophy:

At Dr. Abnish’s Homeopathy Clinic, research goes hand in hand with the treatment of the patient. Each medicine is customized not only according to the patient’s current problem but also keeping in mind his past medical history and lifestyle habits, thus bringing out the best results with zero side effects. The patients are regularly monitored through the required diagnostic tests and the treatment is modified according to the results.

Behind our treatment philosophy lies our scientific belief that each patient’s body presents and fights a disease in a different way. Each patient has his/her own underlying disease factors that affect the treatment. Thus, there can’t be a set formula or an over the counter medicine to treat each patient. This is the reason why we, at Dr. Abnish’s Homoeopathy, provide tailor made homeopathic treatment solutions that come out with great results.

Our Clientele comes from all over India and across the world from countries like United States of America, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Italy and Singapore to name a few.

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The services listed on our website include just a few top/chronic diseases treated by us. It is not an exhaustive list. There are innumerable common as well as chronic diseases that we successfully treat with homeopathy. For more information, please send us your query or give us a call.

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